Injector replacement help

This help guide is available to our customers who decide to purchase individual GM Vortec Spider injectors.


Motor man Fuel Injection offers Brand New AC/Delco injectors for all 4.3L , 5.0L and 5.7L  GM motors built from 2002 - 2007

which are equipped with the MPFI spider injection system.



Make sure the unit your working on is the same design as the spider pictured below, either a V6 or V8

The MPFI injectors can not be used to convert the early style poppet valves found on 1996-2001 models.


Locate the bright green tab on the injector connector, gently pull the tab straight up to unlock the clip from the injector.

push the grey tab in and pull the connector off as shown below.


Slide the Plug connector wire and black protective sleeve up the fuel line to get it out of the way.

take the injector in one hand and the fuel line in the other, pull the injector off the line.


Inspect the fuel line for any damage, the end of the fuel line will be flaired to accept the replacement injector.

at this point you may want to add a clamp the the line if your concered about leakage

shown below is the new injector that you will install on your current fuel line.






STEP 5 :

Push the replacement injector into your exsisting fuel line as shown below.  you will hear a snap when the injector is seated in the line completley.

STEP 6 :

slide the plug wire and black protective tubing back down the fuel line, plug the injector back in and push the green tab down to lock the connector.


Thats It! repeat these steps for all 6 or 8 injectors. We hope this guide helps you. Good Luck!

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