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Rochester Products TBI Fuel Injectors > 17087101 Reconditioned Throttle Body | 1987-1990 GMC Chevrolet 5.7L
17087101 Reconditioned Throttle Body | 1987-1990 GMC Chevrolet 5.7L

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Prod. Code: MM 17087101 Throttle Body

Remanufactured Rochester TBI 17087100 17087101


Motor Man's Throttle Body Reconditioning Service will bring your TBI back to OE Specs

Reconditioning Procedure:

Complete Throttle Body is ultrasonically cleaned and degreased

Disassembled - TBI base, injector pod, and regulator cover are bead blasted

Fuel Injectors are ultrasonically cleaned - flow tested - leak tested and fitted with new filters

TPS is replaced with new

IAC Motor is replaced with new

Fuel pressure regulator is rebuilt including new bladder

TBI is re-assembled and returned with new base gasket and air cleaner gasket

In certain instances when an injector fails electronically due to coil deterioration or worn pintle seats and is not repairable we will offer a reasonable price quote for injector replacement cost.

  • Simply add to cart the "rebuild and return service"
  • Print your order form and include with your injector shipment.
  • Remove all gasoline from TBI
  • Be sure to wrap TBI in protective material for safe arrival, bubble wrap will suffice.
  • Current Turn Around time is 2-3 days. 
  • Orders will be shipped back to you with the method you choose at checkout.

Mail Your Injectors to :

Motor Man Fuel Injection

c/o: R&R Dept.

6246 W. Weidman Rd


Weidman, MI 48893


Description of Motor Man's Remanufactured 17087100 17087101 


rebuilt and flow matched injectors | 55lb/hr flow rate | 1 Year warranty

Brand New Fuel Pressure Regulator 

Brand New IAC Motor

Brand New Throttle Position Sensor

Brand New Base Gasket & Air Cleaner Gasket

Vehicle Fitment:

Chevrolet - GVW under 8,500 lb 

1987-1989 Blazer 5.7L

1988-1989 C/K1500 C/K2500 5.7L

1987-1989 G10 G20 G30 5.7L

1987 R10 5.7L

1987-1988 R10 Suburban 5.7L

1987-1988 R20 5.7L

1987 R10 Suburban 5.7L

1987-1988 R20 5.7L

1989 R1500 Suburban 5.7L

1987 V10 5.7L

1987-1988 V10 Suburban 5.7L

1989 V1500 Suburban 5.7L

1987 V20 5.7L

1987-1988 V20 Suburban 5.7L

1989 V2500 Suburban 5.7L

GMC GVW under 8,500 lb

1988-1989 C/K 1500 C/K 2500 5.7L

1987-1989 G1500 5.7L

1987-1989 G2500 5.7L

1987-1989 G3500 5.7L

1987-1989 R2500 5.7L

1987-1990 R/V 2500 Suburban 5.7L

1987-1989 Jimmy 5.7L

1987 R1500 5.7L

1987-1989 R1500 Suburban 5.7L

1987 V1500 V2500 5.7L

1987-1989 V1500 V2500 Suburban 5.7L

1987 V2500 5.7L


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