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Recondition & Return Service
Customer Supplies The Fuel Injectors We Do The Cleaning, Flowing, Testing & Return Shipping.

Motor Man incorporates the latest high tech equipment for our Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning and Flow Testing.

Motor Man is capable of cleaning and testing most any High Pressure Direct Injector as well as any Throttle Body and Multi-port Injector.

Our Equipment:

1 - ASNU Classic GDI Flow Bench: Capable of flow testing most any High Pressure Direct Injection Fuel Injector as well as standard Multi-port and Throttle Body Injectors.

2 - ASNU-01: Multi-Port and Throttle Body Injector Flow Testing only

3Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks with True Sweep Technology -  Unlike most cleaning tanks that only create ultrasonic waves from the bottom True-Sweep Technology produces sound waves side to side and upward making contact will all areas of the injector. Resulting in a superior reconditioned injector second to none!


All Of Our Fuel Injectors Are Professionally Remanufactured From OEM Cores By The Following Process:
  • Fuel Injectors Are Carefully Examined For Cosmetic Damage
  • Injectors Are Cleaned In A Heated Ultra-Sonic Tank To Remove Grease
  • Each Injector Is Ohm Tested For Proper Resistance
  • Injectors Are Striped Of O'rings, Pintle Caps, and Filters
  • Injectors Are Bead Blasted To Remove Body Paint / Rust
  • Injectors Are Washed In A Second Heated Ultra-Sonic Tank To Loosen Internal Debris
  • Each Injector Is Back-Flushed In A Third Heated Ultra-Sonic To Remove Internal Debris
  • Injectors are Rinsed And Purged Of Cleaning Fluid
  • Spray Pattern's Are Inspected For Each Injector
  • The Dynamic & Static Flow Rate Is Measured For Each Injector To Be Sure Its Performing At Proper OEM Specifications 
  • Each Injector Is Leak Tested At 43.5 PSI
  • Injectors are Carefully Grouped Into Flow-Matched Sets Based on Dynamic Flow
  • Each Injector is Polished or Clear Coated To Achieve Its Best Cosmetic Appearance
  • Each Injector Is Assembled With New Components (filter, spacer, orings, pintle caps)
  • Injectors Are Lubricated To Ensure Proper Functionality Upon Installation
  • All our Injectors Are Flow Tested and Lubricated THE DAY Your Order Is Placed.  We Never Send You A Product That Has Been Sitting On A Shelf