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MotorCraft Fuel Injectors > fuel injector siemens deka 5C3E 9F593 DC
fuel injector siemens deka 5C3E 9F593 DC

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Prod. Code: MM 5C3E DC

Motor Man Fuel Injection Supply Part # 5C3E 9F593 DC

This is a Siemens Deka brand fuel injector listed with our Motorcraft numbers.

This fuel injector is the same flow and ohms as 5C3E 9F593 DB either units were installed into the same vehicle applications the casting  number is a jet sprayed type and is located on the side of the fuel injector body you may need a magnifier glass to see it though.

OEM # 5C3Z-9F593-DB   5C3Z-9F593-DC


To be listed soon we do have plenty of these units in stock at this time.