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60lb/hr Bosch EV14 Fuel Injector

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Prod. Code: MM-158660-630

Fuel Injector : Bosch EV14 | Custom Modified

Flow Rate: 630cc @43.5psi (3Bar) - operates up to 100 PSI Fuel Pressure

Nozzle Type: Single Hole - 20° spray

Saturated Coil:  High Impedance 12.5 ohm

Height: 64mm O-Ring to O-Ring

Oring: 14mm upper & lower

Connector Type : USCAR

Latency: 0.710 @ 14v 43.5 psi



Bosch EV14 630cc/min flow rate.  Motor Man's custom line of High Performance fuel injectors deliver the fuel your engine craves.  Dynamic flow matched sets within 2%.  Flow matching performed on state-of-the-art ASNU flow benches

All injectors carry 1 year replacement warranty from date of purchase.

Customer Service: 989-644-2695

Email - motormanfuelinjection@gmail.com


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